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School English
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    Protect Your Voice

    Protect Your Voice Voice disorders are a common but under treated problem," says South Africa's Natal Witness newspaper. According to Julie Barkmeier, an assistant professor of speech and hearing sciences, such disorders are often the result of nodules1, polyps, or irritations2 that develop on the vocal cords3 when a voice is misused. A popular medical textbook says that such misuse would include shouting, speaking in an unnaturally low tone, or inhaling irritants such as cigarette smoke or industrial fumes. "When vocal cords vibrate too much, they can smack against each other, leading to soft and swollen spots that develop into callous like4 nodules," reports the Natal Witness. The result is a hoarse5, raspy6 voice. "If you have a pronounced change in your voice that persists for two weeks or more, you should get examined by your doctor," the article advises. "To protect your voice, ... don't yell or talk loudly, don't cough or clear your throat frequently, drink lots of water, reduce your caffeine intake, don't smoke and, before speaking, take a deep breath. ... Finally, give your voice a rest."
    1 nodule - (мед.) узелковое утолщение
    2 irritation - (мед.) раздражение
    3 vocal cords - голосовые связки
    4 callous like - похожий на мозоль
    5 hoarse - хриплый
    6 raspy - дребезжащий

    Источник: School English #11, 2009

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