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  • Перевод с английского языка на основе функционального подхода к грамматике (2)
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    activities /

    Газета School English #2, 2003

    Типовые задания по практическому использованию языкового материала

    рубрику ведет Елена Клековкина

        На этот раз мы представляем вашему вниманию некоторые типовые задания по практическому использованию языкового материала. Публикуется с разрешения разработчика заданий, авторского коллектива «Петербургский тест», за что редакция нашей газеты чрезвычайно благодарна.

        Basic level

    Part 1

    Use the words given in block letters at the end of each sentence to form a word that fits the space. There are two examples at the beginning (0, 00).


    0. Which _artist__do you prefer - Constable or Turner? ART
    00. That was the most _extraordinary__ event. ORDINARY

    1. He could give no satisfactory ___________for his behaviour. EXPLAIN
    2. Tom is such a __________________ driver, isn't he? I really can't understand how he hasn't had an accident yet. CARE
    3. Children who start smoking don't usually realize how _______________ the habit is. HARM
    4. The pop concert was so _______________ that we left after half an hour. NOISE

    Part 2

    Paraphrase the following sentences completing the second sentence so that it is equivalent in meaning to the given sentence. There is an example at the beginning (0).


    0. Their garden is so beautiful. They _have such a beautiful garden.

    1. I didn't know anybody at the party.
    I knew __________________________________________ party.

    2. Let's go to the circus!
    How about _________________________________________ circus?

    3. Lancaster is not as big as Liverpool.
    Liverpool is ______________________________________ Lancaster.

    4. They built these houses 100 years ago.
    These houses _________________________________________ ago.

    Part 3

    In each numbered line of the following paragraphs there is one word which doesn't fit in the text and has to be deleted. Find this word and write it in the corresponding blank. There is an example at the beginning (0).

    The Name 'Sandwich'


    0. An eighteenth century the English aristocrat, __the__

    1. the Earl of Sandwich, loved playing in cards. ________
    2. He used to do it all day and in night ________
    3. and didn't like to stop up a game for his ________
    4. meals. On one day he decided to ________
    5. put a meat between two pieces of bread. ________
    6. It is because of him that to today ________
    7. we call the sandwiches "sandwiches". ________

        Higher level

    Part 1

    Complete the sentences below with the suitable missing parts of the phrasal verbs. There is an example at the beginning (0).


    0. The Second World War broke __out__ in 1939.

    1. The friends went to the station to find ___________ the time of the next train to London.
    2. The robbers broke ________the house when everyone was sleeping.
    3. I was choosing books in the library and came _________ this rare book.
    4. I fell seriously ill and the doctors told me to give __________ smoking.
    5. You want to speak to Jerry, don't you? Hold ______, I'll go and find him.

    Part 2

    Read through the sentences below, then decide which answer "A", "B", "C" or "D" best fits each space. There is an example at the beginning (0).


    0. The police ______A______ him for murder.
    A) arrested B) charged C) convicted D) objected

    1. His parents wouldn't ____________________ him stay later than 10:30 at night.
    A) allow B) permit C) agree to D) let

    2. According to statistics, drivers of the age of fifty have ___________ accidents than drivers under twenty-five.
    A) smaller B) less C) fewer D) lower

    3. Most of the __________________ members aboard the new luxury liner were from Greece.
    A) team B) gang C) crew D) command

    4. We're going to miss the train _____________________ we hurry up.
    A) provided B) if C) in spite of D) unless

    5. Who else went with you to the theatre ______________________ Joe and Ann?
    A) besides B) apart C) except D) beside

    6. The train was _____________________ for several hours because of floods.
    A) prevented B) detained C) delayed D) cancelled

    7. After a lot of difficulty he finally ___________________ to start the car.
    A) succeeded B) coped C) worked out D) managed

    8. The manager asked her to __________________ with the complaint.
    A) deal B) attend C) take care D) follow

    Part 2

    Read the letter and use the appropriate form of the verb in brackets in the numbered blanks. There is an example at the beginning (0).

    Dear Mrs. Rogers,
    When I first (0 arrive) at Alderman Lee, I was (0) _arrived_
    worried that I might get lost, because it is so big.

    But I soon (1 find) my way around and I think I (1)
    (2 settle) in well. I like (2)
    (3 have) to carry all my books around more than (3)
    (4 keep) them in a drawer, because you can (4)
    (5 look) through your books and (5)
    (6 see) how well you (6)
    (7 do) during the year. On the whole, I (7)
    (8 get) a good report and I enjoyed (8)
    (9 start) new subjects like science. I (9)
    (10 not like) French, though, because I find it (10)
    rather difficult. I (11 change) quite a bit. I'm not nearly as shy as I (11)
    used to be and (12 make) several new friends. I (12)
    (13 look) forward to (13)
    (14 be) a second year. (14)
    I (15 want) to try to get a part in the lower school (15)
    musical. I wasn't in this year, but I wish I (16 be). (16)
    Yours sincerely, Tracy Masters

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