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    anglosphere / Meet the Wrights
    New Chapter: Becky
    Becky in school uniform Dear Reader,
    Let me introduce Becky Pitt to you. She is David Wright’s granddaughter. She is a lively girl who likes maths and wants to become an actress. We talked to her and I found her an interesting personality. She reminded me of Becky Thatcher from ‘Adventures of Tom Sawyer’ by Mark Twain. I imagined Twain’s character just like Becky!

    French Exchange
    left-right: Rachel (David’s wife), Max, French girls Amelie and Julie, Milly and Eleanor THE Wright household is even more crowded than usual this week. The family is host to two French girls who have come to the UK as part of an exchange visit.

    Meet the Wrights
    The grandchildren looking at Christmas presents which they received from their Granddad (Mr Wright) Dear Reader!
    We haven’t heard much of the Wrights lately, have we?
    Well, the family are continuing meet, phone, write letters and emails to each other about what is going on in their respective lives. They also send greeting cards on special seasons like Christmas, birthdays, mothers’ and fathers’ days, holidays, etc.

    Weekly Moan
    Emily Wright This is a history project work written by the eldest granddaughter of our friend and permanent author Mr. David Wright, Emily Wright, 12.

    The Old and The New - 2
    The Old and The New - 2 Science today is circumscribed by so many rules and regulations designed to prevent children harming themselves or each other, that I wonder if they learn anything out of school. Our scientific self-education was a more hit-and-miss affair. There would be what we called а 'craze' - that is, a sudden interest in one subject to the exclusion of all others, that would disappear as quickly as it had arisen.

    St David's Day
    This is the Welsh flag with greetings in Welsh and English The First of March is a special day in Wales, our part of the United Kingdom. It is the day we celebrate our national patron Saint, St David. On St David's Day we think about the things that make us proud to be Welsh. Wales is famous for its beautiful mountains and countryside, for its strong industrial heritage in coal and steel production and for its people who are famous for their singing and their playing rugby football. St David lived in Wales around 500 AD and he was a . kind and good man, remembered for setting up monasteries and churches bringing Christianity to the Welsh people.

    The Old and The New
    Mr David Wright (UK) When I was a boy, maybe sixty years ago, life for a child was very different from what it is today. I am biased, but I think that we had a far more interesting time even though there were no computers, mobile phones or even TV in every home. Can you imagine a world without those gadgets?

    British Schooling
    British Schooling At the request of School English, the youngest generation of our British friends, the Wrights, tell our readers about their school life. No doubt, you remember from our past issues that the children live with their parents in Abergavenny, South Wales, where they attend infant, junior and secondary schools correspondingly.

    The sitting room with a fire place. It’s only gas-fired, of course, but very cosy all the same. There are a lot of souvenirs from friends and items, which bring back happy memories, on the mantelpiece. Our own correspondent from “School English visited Mr Wright at his house in Runcorn (UK) to congratulate him on his birthday. Mr Wright kindly agreed to give an exclusive interview to our newspaper.

    Typical Day
    Typical Day Our day starts at 7am. Alarm clocks all over the house go off and sleepy children stumble out of bed. Milena, aged 2, is usually the only one left snoring as our day begins. The three school age children will sit and watch cartoons until I remind them they have to eat breakfast. Breakfast for them is cereal with milk or porridge; the older girls will drink a cup of tea too. If Rachael has to go in to work she will catch either the 7.23 or the 8 o’clock train. If it is the later she too will eat breakfast with us. If it is the earlier train she often runs out the house so fast there isn’t even time for the important morning cup of tea! For me a cup of tea and two slices of toast set me up for the day.

    Our House
    Our House The history of house is not documented but we have a map of the town of Abergavenny dated 1750 which shows our house as two neighbouring houses. These two houses form the back part of our house while the front section appears to have been built on some time around 1800. Of the two original back parts of the house it can be seen by looking at the construction of the walls and the roof timbers that one half considerably predates the other.

    Snow in Britain
    Snow in Britain Winter in Britain is not that different from other times of the year. It is colder, the days are shorter and it rains even more often than in the summer. We have some harsh winds coming down from the north occasionally and we seem to have an increasing amount of flooding but most of the time the British winter would best be described as “a bit chilly”.

    Life Story
    Life Story I was born in London, England, just before the outbreak of WWII. I can remember little of the war, although the East End where I lived was a frequent target of German bombers and many neighbouring houses were destroyed. There was never any question in our minds that we would win and we were greatly encouraged when, after a couple of years, the Russians joined in too. As always, the Americans were late — they like to join the winning side!

    Meet the Wrights
    Meet the Wrights I have met the head of the Wright family, Mr. David Wright, on the Internet. I saw him the way you see him now (see the picture in the right top corner). We corresponded for a while and then met in Venice, Italy, two years ago. Ever since we have corresponded regularly.




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