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    anglosphere /

    Газета School English #07-08, 2004

    Weekly Moan

    Emily Wright
    This is a history project work written by the eldest granddaughter of our friend and permanent author Mr. David Wright, Emily Wright, 12.

    King Kills His Best Friend


        It has been rumored that the men struck him four times on the head before he died. But through all this the brave man was silent. He was killed while praying in Canterbury cathedral. But what could have caused our king to kill his best friend?

    They pulled him and dragged him. They wanted to get him outside the church to kill him, but he clung onto a pillar. He bowed his head in prayer and joined his hands together. He was struck twice on the head on the third blow he fell to his knees then on the fourth his brains spilt onto the floor with blood. He was incredibly brave. He didn’t try to stop the blows or cry out!
    James Smith
        The King and Thomas Becket had been friends for a long time but then the king forced him to be archbishop. Since then the archbishop has become a deeply religious man. The king tried to take control of the church; Becket refused thus began a big argument resulting in Becket moving over seas. King followed shortly after, the two of them as chummy as ever.

        Then Becket excommunicated two of the King’s Bishops. This was the last straw for the King. He ordered four of his men to do his dirty work while he sat back and washed his hands of Becket forever.

        Becket’s friend who was with him on the tragic day said “The king has been punished for his actions by being made to walk bare foot to Canterbury.”

        It’s not clear yet who will take Becket’s place but it is clear that the King regrets his actions although it’s too late now isn’t it?

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