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    anglosphere / UK
    Punishment in Schools
    “School English” asks:
    Tell us , please, about the system of corporal punishment which existed in Great Britain in the past.

    Prime Minister vs Her Majesty
    “School English” asks:
    There is an opinion in Russia that it’s the Prime Minister who rules your country, not the Queen and she is not of great importance any more. How much authority does Her Majesty enjoy now?

    Restoring Railways
        The English are a naturally conservative people; we instinctively resist change and yearn for the past. Many people take an interest in history by preserving old buildings and structures. Even those who do not take an active part in such work often visit ancient castles, houses and gardens or watch with interest the many TV programmes about archaeology and restoration work. One aspect of this is the proliferation of preservation societies dedicated to the task of restoring old railway lines and running old trains, frequently with steam engines, on them.

    Harry Potter effect
    Samara Municipal Nayanova University students ask:
    We know that Harry Potter is very popular now all over the world and there is talk about ‘The Potter‘ effect on children’s reading. What other books are popular now among the British?

    The most Popular TV Shows
    The most Popular TV Shows Mariya Donetz, Bryanskaya obl., Zhukovka asks:
    Can you possibly tell about the most popular TV shows for young people, please.
    For children over 7 the most popular programmes would be:

    Grades of Nobility and Honours
    School English asks:
    What can you say about the honoured titles ? What is the attitude of the commonpeople ?
    We have many different grades of nobility. Some are hereditary titles and others have been granted by the Queen for special services and are not passed on to descendants. Twice each year, the Queen awards new titles (always based on and in accordance with the nominations of the PM of the day).

    Fleet Street
    Fleet Street Maxim Arisov, 16, Ulyanovsk, asks:
    What is Fleet Street famous for?
    Fleet Streetis located in the middle of the City of London and leads on to Ludgate Hill which goes up to the front of St Paul's Cathedral.




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