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    recreation /

    Газета School English #2, 2010

    Meg Ryan

    Meg Ryan
        Margaret Mary Emily Anne Hyra — known as Meg or Peggy to family and friends — was born November 19, 1961, in Fairfield, Connecticut. The daughter of Harry, a teacher, and Susan, a teacher, former actress and casting director, Meg did not intend1 to become the Hollywood cutie2 she is known as today.

        With original intentions3 of pursuing4 a journalistic career, one would think that perhaps Meg inherited5 the acting talent from her mother, who left a 15-year-old Meg, her two sisters and her brother to become an actress.

        Once Meg graduated6 from Bethel High School, she followed up7 her academic studies at the University of Connecticut. In order to pay for her tuition8, Meg landed9 some acting gigs in several commercials10. Her mother helped her become a member of the Screen Actors Guild11, under her maiden name12, and thus “Meg Ryan”, as we know her today, was born.

        Meg was cast in her feature film debut alongside13 Candice Bergen in the film, Rich and Famous in 1981, and decided to leave behind her journalistic studies to try her hand at acting. The former homecoming queen got her start on the small-screen, with roles in an After School Special, Amy the Angel, and appearances on the comedy Charles in Charge. She also became a regular on the daytime soap14, As the World Turns, until 1984.

        The series Wildside was the last of Meg’s television career; one that would quickly be overshadowed15 by her present status as Hollywood’s Sweetheart. After a role in 1983’s Amityville III: The Demon, moviegoers16 would catch a glimpse17 of the blonde, perky18 actress in Top Gun, as Goose’s wife (played by Anthony Edwards).

        But her claim to fame came with a starring role in 1989’s, When Harry Met Sally, co-starring Billy Crystal. Then The Meg Ryan/Tom Hanks team started when the two paired up to star in Joe Versus the Volcano (which did not erupt19 at the box-office20) — and the two were paired again in 1993’s Sleepless in Seattle.

        The latter secured21 Meg as an A-list actress, and made audiences forget about her roles in The Doors and Promised Land, which, although were notable22 performances, didn’t showcase23 Meg’s adorable24 qualities. The early to mid25 ’90s were also marked with hits such as When a Man Loves a Woman (with a phenomenal turn as a recovering alcoholic) and the lukewarm26 French Kiss, while Prelude to a Kiss and I.Q. were not the best ideas.

        Other notable performances by Meg were in the period piece Restoration, Courage Under Fire (co-starring Denzel Washington and Matt Damon), and the animated feature27, Anastasia. Addicted to Love proved that dark roles do not suit Meg, while City of Angels, opposite Nicolas Cage was not so angelic. In 1999, Meg reunited28 with her Sleepless in Seattle co-star Tom Hanks to star in You’ve Got Mail.

        In addition to her acting duties, Meg is also founder of her own production company, Prufrock Pictures (formerly Fandango Films), as well as the mother of her son with Dennis Quaid, Jack Henry. Meg first met Dennis Quaid on the set of 1987’s Innerspace and the couple started dating29 while filming D.O.A. Their marriage proved to be dead on arrival30 during the summer of 2000, when the divorce31 of one of Hollywood’s most enduring32 couples was announced, and Meg was rumored to be cuddling up33 to her Proof Of Life co-star, Russell Crowe.After a starring role in 1999’s Hanging Up (with Lisa Kudrow), Meg will next be seen in the soon-to-be-released, Proof of Life. Her upcoming projects include Kate & Leopold, and a remake of the 1939 classic, The Women, co-starring fellow Hollywood sweetheart, Julia Roberts.

        As an A-list and box-office attracting actress, Meg Ryan has proved to be lovable, both on and off-screen, and one thing’s for certain — we’re glad she didn’t stick34 to journalism.

    1 intend - намереваться
    2 cutie - красотка
    3 intension - намерение
    4 pursuing - достижение
    5 inherited - унаследованный
    6 graduate - заканчивать учебное заведение
    7 follow up - доводить до конца, завершать
    8 tuition - плата за обучение
    9 to land - пробовать добиваться чего-либо
    10 commercial - рекламный видеоролик
    11 Screen Actor Guild - Гильдия киноактеров
    12 maiden name - девичья фамилия
    13 alongside - вместе с кем-либо
    14 daytime soap - дневной телесериал
    15 overshadowed - оставленный в тени
    16 moviegoer - кинозритель
    17 glimpse - быстрый взгляд
    18 perky - бойкий, веселый
    19 erupt - совершить прорыв в чем-либо
    20 box-office - кассовые сборы от проката
    21 latter secured - обеспечить себя в недавнем прошлом чем-либо
    22 notable - заметный, яркий
    23 showcase - представлять в полной мере
    24 adorable - очаровательный
    25 early to mid - первая половина
    26 lukewarm - теплый, трогательный
    27 animated feature - полнометражный мультфильм
    28 reunited - вновь объединенный
    29 dating - встречаться, ходить на свидания
    30 dead on arrival - “Мертв по прибытии”, по названию фильма D.O.A.
    31 divorce - развод
    32 enduring - стойкий, долгий
    33 cuddling up - начать роман с кем-либо
    34 stick - привязаться к чему-либо
    35 franchise - привилегия

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