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    recreation / cuisine
    Australian Recipe
    Pavlova The pavlova was first created in 1935 by Chef Herbert Sachse of the Hotel Esplanade in Perth, Western Australia, to celebrate the visit of the great Russian ballerina, Anna Pavlova.

    A Recipe from England
    A Recipe from England Award-winning chef Antony Worrall Thompson has run several highly successful restaurants in the UK and is a well-known TV personality. This is one of his recipes.

    Tapioca Crepes. A Brazilian Delicacy
    Tapioca Crepes In Brazil, tapioca can refer to several different products derived from the cassava plant. One of them is plain, rustic flat-bread. This type of bread looks more like a crepe and is often called a tapioca crepe. It is made of a fine starch known as pohilho doce or goma, which is produced from the fleshy rootstocks of the cassava plant.




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